Saturday, February 18, 2012

International Street Food Bazaar

We had a really great time at the 30th Annual International Street Food Bazaar. The event was held at the MSU Student Union. The venue was fun and included 30 country booths and live bands. The crowd was a broad mix of students, faculty and locals since it is open to the public.

The Petis and Samosa from Bangladesh were excellent with their mint and tamarind sauces. Deep fried potato and chicken with various spices, made for a very tasty "pocket".

Cyprus served potato meatballs and katmer pastries, while Turkey offered baklava and ground meat phyllo pie. The phyllo pie resembled a very delicate pastry with meat and spices inside and full of flavor.

The tamales wrapped in corn leaves were delicious. As they were from Panama, they had a different texture than the Mexico version and I would say a bit better. Corn, chicken, cheese, tortilla and spices in a pasty texture made for a great tasting dish.

The Korean bulgogi was the favorite. Very bold and sweet, I loved this when I first had it back in Kentucky as a friend's wife was Korean and cooked her native dishes. It was incredible!

Follow this up with a fusion band playing from Moroccan to Turkisk to Greek music and the festival was a big hit. We will be there for the 31st annual!