Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beautiful Winter Snowfall

We are finally getting a snow "refresher" this morning and it is beautiful. We have struggled to maintain any on the ground for longer than a few days here in the valley. The foothills even melted off after each snowfall.

Since the area is so accustomed to winter activities, the topic of "lack of snow" is flowered with grumbles and censored language. The majority of ski resorts were at less than 50% open up until a week ago and any snow shoeing or xc skiing in the valley or foothills is sporadic at best.
These conditions have really increased the avalanche hazards and have made it very difficult for snowmobiling and back-country skiing. We have been turned around from some great hikes even though the foothills were in great condition. The higher elevation slopes are extremely volatile so it is very hard to justify the risk. The above pic is courtesy of

When you add up these factors you can see how many outdoor activities have been curbed and much gear is resting quietly in garages and sheds throughout the area. 40's in January and February seems nice, but it is unwelcome say the locals!

Might as well head out for a run. In February!