Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dog World in Montana

While sitting in a parking lot near a busy intersection waiting for the Mrs., I decided to count the number of pooches enjoying a ride with their owners. Between pick-up beds, front seat droolers, and back seat window lickers, I counted 11 of 15 autos with furry sidekicks in the first 30 seconds. Now some may argue that this is NOT the dog capital of the world, but I would submit it is in the running for "top dog hot spot"!

For example, coming out of the US Post Office I was greeted by two drooling hounds fighting for the open window of a Subaru while the labs in back of the pick up beside it got a drive-by licking completed on me!

And then there are the dog parks which out number people parks. One park even has a climbing boulder of sorts for those adventurous canines looking for some crag work!

Retail businesses are not immune and most have succumbed to doggy peer pressure. Retailers allowing and even encouraging 4 legged fidos include Target, Costco, Walmart, and most downtown local shops. One shop has underwater treadmills for doggy fitness!

Of course the sidewalks on main street are just shy of a Westminster Kennel Club championship event in breeds and overall numbers. Even the mutts are wearing Northface! And their dogs too!

But the clincher for the world title has to be the back-country adventure Rover's, Spot's, and Buddy's. While enjoying the views from the 9600 ft. Sacajawea Peak, we couldn't help but notice the dog to human ratio. At one point, there were more dogs than humans and they were panting significantly less than their human counterparts!

So if you wonder why people leave their car doors unlocked in parking lots, water bowls are found at a bistro or boutique, and many a fleece looks like it survived a mating attempt by a sasquatch, no worries.... you are in Bozeman and life (for dogs) is good.