Monday, December 30, 2013

Wildlife Viewing at it's Finest

We had a great day in Yellowstone this past weekend with our main goal of wildlife viewing.  We pushed through a blizzard in the Paradise Valley heading south but decided to press on to Gardner to re-evaluate.  The blizzard was isolated and Gardner / Roosevelt entrance provided an inviting partly cloudy day with temps in the 20's.  Perfect!!!   All images are "clickable".

While observing the Soda Butte Creek area, we spotted five bull moose amongst a group of buffalo.  This is the first time we have seen such a large grouping of bull moose. 

One large bull decided to take a stroll through the creek by himself.  He is an incredible animal and very healthy.

Not to be outdone, a herd of Mountain Sheep decided to descend a ridge line and pay us a visit.  They gave us quite a show and the lamb was especially active.

It is always a great experience in the park during the winter months and probably our favorite time of year to visit!