Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Long Run and Motivating Views

At 44 degrees and an endless blue bird sky, it is hard to believe it is January in Montana! Aside from the occasional slush pile on the sidewalk, conditions were perfect for a fun run about town. Clad in shorts and a long sleeve shirt, the low humidity even allowed me to leave the hat behind.

Of course it is impossible to get out the door without the ever-present "Jog Dog". She knows the shorts and the shoes and when put together it's 3 barks and a tail wag that has no respect for any small objects in the vicinity. With my arm barely remaining in the socket, out the door we went. We cruised the sidewalks into town for a few miles and met plenty of others enjoying the conditions both on foot and wheels.

Huff, huff, huff, smile. Huff, huff, huff, smile. Over my left shoulder is the Bridger Mountains with Ross and Sacajawea peaks shining a brilliant yellow and white against the blue background. My right shoulder is graced with the Spanish Peaks dressed in their full white peaks and incredible shadows. Hyalite Peak is the beacon to my front and it leads me forward. It is very easy to turn a long run into a very long run with these views. Thankfully, an occasional intersection jolts me back to my senses and reminds me of my time and distance.

I cannot recall the last time I said to myself "I wish I had NOT run today". "Jog Dog" agrees.